To the National Christian Council of Sri Lanka 

To the National Christian Council of Sri Lanka 

Stockholm 23 April 2019

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, The Churches in Sweden were deeply touched when the news about violence against the Protestant and Catholic Churches Easter day reached us in the morning. Our Hallelujah became mixed with a strong Kyrie; Lord have mercy. 

Together with other religions in Sweden we take a stand against all violence, hate and threats on religious grounds. On Thursday afternoon there will be a manifestation organized by the Buddhists and the Interfaith Council in Sweden, where we will express our grief for the terrible deeds the people in Sri Lanka have experienced. We are all a part of humanity and it is our duty to unite as peace-builders. The religious leaders in Sweden have decided to stand together for religious freedom and they refuse to give in to hatred.

You were attacked on a day when resurrection, reconciliation and hope beyond death was to be celebrated in all Churches. We cannot fully understand your situation, but as Christians we have to keep our faith in the resurrected Christ in whom all wounds are carried highly. We have to believe in salvation. We have to believe in God’s eternal love. We have to believe that the light is shining through the darkness and that love is greater than hate. Today, we mourn together with you and will keep you as Churches, as people and as a nation in our prayers.  

For the Christian Council of Sweden Archbishop D. Benjamin Atas, Syrian Orthodox Church President, Rev. Karin Wiborn, General Secretary





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